Your Orange County Litigation Law Firm

The Bauer Law Group was formed in 2008. Initially, the firm focused on the defense of construction defect matters for general contractors and developers, including mold cases. Since then, we have grown taking on numerous business litigation matters and well as personal injury cases.

Our practice reflects our firm’s commitment to client service and outstanding results across a wide range of litigation problems, from business litigation, construction defect, civil litigation and personal injury claims. Our clients know and rely on our skills, commitment, out of the box thinking, and our record of success in a wide variety of matters.

We tailor our services to each client’s specific situation, no matter how complex. Then we formulate fruitful, productive legal strategies to meet your needs. Clients benefit from our emphasis on open communication, quick response times, and constant attention to detail.   We are steadfast n our desire to effectively and efficiently advise and represent you. We are committed to working toward your goals, whether through negotiation, settlement, litigation or mediation.